Seeds and Stories

Lunch & Learn at the Museum: Fricot & Summer Savory, Saturday July 29th

Summer savory is a key ingredient in fricot.

Summer savory is a key ingredient in fricot.

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, learn how to grow summer savory, make fricot (Acadian chicken stew) and enjoy a great lunch.

The cost for the lunch (including dessert, tea or coffee), a garden tour and a lively discussion of the origins of fricot, costs just $8 with admission to the museum or a membership to the Albert County Historical Society (or $10 for others).  

If you’re interested in enjoying a tasty meal from local ingredients and learning about Acadian culture, please reserve tickets at the museum or by calling 734-2003 before July 26. The event starts at 11am and continues to at least 2pm. Cette démonstration est offerte en français et en anglais; this demonstration is offered in French and English.

This is part of Growing Together – a project which celebrates Canada's 150th year through food, seeds and stories! This has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. 

For more information about the demonstration, museum garden or storytelling project, please contact Janet Wallace at or 734-2003.


Samedi le 29 juillet

Albert County Museum

11h00-14h+ Hopewell Cape, N.-B

Fricot Lunch & Learn

Venez découvrir comment préparer un fricot acadien et essayez-vous à récolterla sarriette d’été qui pousse dans le jardin héritage du musée. Ceci sera suivi d’un délicieux lunch tout en discutant de fricot et du rôle de la sarriette d’été dans la culture acadienne.

Cette démonstration est offerte en français et en anglais; this demonstration is offered in French and English.

Coût du lunch (avec du dessert et du the ou du café), tour de jardin & discussion: 8$ avec le coût d’entrée au musée ou un membership, 10$ autres. Svp demandez vos billets au musée ou  réservez en téléphonant 734-2003 avant jeudi le 26 juillet.

Pour plus d’information svp communiquer avec Janet Wallace at ou 734-2003

Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.



Connecting the past with the future through seeds and stories

Seeds are a connection between the past and the future. When you save seed from one crop, you anticipate planting, growing and harvesting more food in the future. But seed can be more -- it can connect us to our heritage.

The Albert County Museum is embarking on an exciting project to bring the past to life through food, seeds and stories. We will celebrate the history of Atlantic Canada while strengthening cultural bonds for the future.

Culinary traditions are an essential part of cultural heritage. Recipes and seeds have been passed down from generation to generation. We will rejuvenate and celebrate this practice while also honouring our multicultural past and future. We will plant heirloom varieties of traditional food crops at public gardens in Albert County at Riverside Consolidated School, Albert County Museum and perhaps Forest Dale Home. By linking people's stories with the plants, we will bring the heritage alive. Also, we will save the seeds from the plants and share these with gardeners in the following years. In particular, we hope to create a more vibrant garden and seed collection to celebrate Canada's 150th year in 2017.

Do you have seeds or stories to share? If so, let us know.  Contact Janet Wallace by email at janetwallace @ or at 

Learn more about the project by visiting here