Featuring 22 themed galleries inside 8 Original Shiretown Buildings.


Come Explore an industrious place of Ship Builders, Mining Moguls, Lumber Barons, Apple Kings, a Prime Minister, a Victoria Cross Winner and even a Pirate!



A Rare Gem


Nestled on the on the hill overlooking Shepody Bay in the original buildings of the shiretown of Hopewell Cape, the AC Museum contains more than just artefacts, it contains the stories, the joys and heartaches of a people. 

All the buildings at the museum: the Courthouse, the Gaol,  the Community Hall, the Records Office, the Tax Office, and the Library were all part of a once vibrant Shiretown and are in their original location, lovingly restored.



1904 County Courthouse

original and Full of Stories

The County Courthouse rebuilt in 1904 was the court of law in Albert County for over 100 years, before being decommissioned in 1967. Site of the Tom Collins murder trial in the 1900's which set precedences in Canadian Judicial Law. Was Tom guilty or did an innocent man go to the gallows? You weigh the evidence and decide....


1845 Jail

Complete with original graffiti

If the walls could talk… and they do!  Explore the County Gaol, where you are surrounded by the recently uncovered prisoner graffiti (hidden since 1930) that makes every nook and cranny come alive.  Layer upon layer of names, dates, drawings and poetry tell the story of what it was like to do time in the Albert County Gaol


The Complete Experience

audio and video exhibits

Look, listen and feel the exhibits come alive, with the complete museum experience. Through audio enhanced exhibits listen to RB Bennett give his famous speeches, then watch video and 3d displays bring the past alive through a medium even the kids will enjoy. 

History Comes Alive

A true hands on experience

Try your hand at making rope the way it was done 100 years ago, a skill necessary on the many fishing and shipping ports of Albert County. Enjoy strolling though the exhibits by yourself or joining one of our famous guided tours.  Best of all your admission is good for two days. 

A Truly Great Canadian.


Canada's 11th Prime Minster, Richard Bedford Bennett, Was born and raised just down the road. He lead this country during the dark days of the Great Depression and his SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENTS are highlighted at the museum. 

Although much maligned during and after his term of office, his many accomplishments, unmatched philanthropy and the Canadian Institutions founded by him, speak louder than words alone.

We present to you our hometown Prime Minister.