County of Heroes Exhibit Opens Saturday, May 19th - See you there!


Col. Cyrus Peck, VC, DSO with Bar

On Saturday, May 19, County of Heroes-Cyrus Peck, VC and the Victory Cannon opens at the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. The exhibit highlights the life of Albert County born, Colonel Cyrus Peck, VC, DSO (1871-1956) who won the Victoria Cross on September 2, 1918 during the Second Battle of Arras. In addition, the exhibit tells the exciting story of the capture of the Vimy Gun, from its use on the battlefield to its final resting place in Hopewell Cape Square. Housed in a stylized First World War trench, complete with sandbags, and rusted corrugated steel, the exhibit creates a life-like setting for both parts of the exhibit.

The exhibit will open to the public at 9:30 am with the Museum's Opening Ceremony at 11 am. Light refreshments to follow.

The exhibit highlights two significant historical events for not only Albert County, but for New Brunswick and Canada as a whole. Telling the story of one of Canada’s greatest unsung heroes and the amazing sacrifices made by the people of Albert County for their country, not only by its brave men and women but also by the generous contributions of its citizens.

The exhibit is scheduled to run for the 2018 season in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of Cy Peck Winning the Victoria Cross and then extend into 2019 for the 100th Anniversary of Albert County winning the Victory Loans Competition for New Brunswick in 1919.

The exhibit was made possible through funding from New Brunswick Heritage.

The Albert County Museum and RB Bennett Commemorative Centre is located at 3940 Route 114 in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick.