The Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Albert County - How many did you know?

A fun list for Friday, the Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Albert County. How many did you know? Do you know of any other interesting facts that we missed? Try and trump us!

In no particular order: 

  1. On June 4, 1903, at a meeting of the "Albert County Teachers' Institute" in Surrey, Albert County, the "New Brunswick Teachers' Union" was established with an approved constitution and membership. The initiative and leadership towards the teachers' union came from two teachers at the Hopewell Hill Superior School. So, the present New Brunswick Teachers' Association began in Albert County!

  2. Albert County was the location of New Brunswick’s Government House while Abner Reid McClelan was Lieutenant Governor.

  3. Albert County has more natural resources to the square foot than any other county in New Brunswick.

  4. Harvey, Hopewell Cape and Hillsborough all had wooden sidewalks.

  5. Albert County has 99 known cemeteries.

  6. Albertite has only ever been found in Albert County, nowhere else in the world.

  7. The population of Albert County once far exceeded that of Moncton.

  8. The moose population in Newfoundland is courtesy of Albert County. That's right it all started here, with 2 captured moose. 

  9. When it was in operation, the Aptus Veneer Factory at West River was the only factory of its kind in Canada.

  10. 1851 Census shows 32,378 yards (29.6 Km) of woolen fabric woven on 365 hand looms.