A Daily walk with the 26th Battalion - on Facebook!

Did you know you can follow the 26th New Brunswick Battalion daily journey  through World War One: day by day 100 years later on Facebook? If you're on Facebook you can find them by searching for newbrunswick26th or if you're not on Facebook just follow this link. CLICK HERE   

Here is the entry for today, September 18th, 1915: 

Sept 18/1915 The men of the New Brunswick 26th Battalion are now in boxcars on a train moving slowly toward Flanders. (From New Brunswick’s Fighting 26th) “En route, the men crowded the partly open door of the car and, in spite of the language differences, exchanged greetings with the French inhabitants as they passed through, or stopped at, towns and villages. The children called out for “souvenir, bisk-wee” while the soldiers tried to buy extra food wherever they could. To keep up their spirits, they frequently resorted to singing many well-known songs of the day, together with their own soldier’s songs.”
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