Notice anything different driving through Hopewell Cape?

The World War One Cannons in  Hopewell Cape are looking like a pair of wet dogs standing in the rain now that their wheels have been taken off. The Wheels were removed Monday, October 27, in the the first stage of the Victory Cannon Campaign restoration project and will be transported to the wheelwright in Nova Scotia, where they will be rebuilt from ground up, with new wood, using the original hardware. 

The wheels came off with remarkable ease, considering the time they have stood outside in the weather, only taking a little convincing by the volunteers helping out. It started out slow, but once they figured out one, the rest came off with little trouble. The wheels definitely showed their age when they were removed with large pieces of wood falling off each wheel, and one coming apart altogether. It is definitely time that they were restored.

 It was remarked that the cannons don't look nearly as impressive without their wheels. If all goes well the wheels should be ready by early 2015. The money already raised for the Victory Cannon Campaign should cover the cost of the wheel reconstruction. (Unless the wheelwright runs into difficulty.) That being said IF YOU HAVE NOT DONATED TO THE V.C.C. yet, PLEASE DO SO! Click Here to DONATE. We are 1/5 of the way to our goal of $15000.00 so every little bit helps.