Our Newest Donation - Quite Possibly the Finest Toboggan in the Country

Our museum is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful artefacts that have been lovingly donated to the museum to be shared and appreciated by everyone who visits. It’s a collecting ground for our shared past to protect and pass on to future generations. It truly is a wonderful place to explore and experience the past.

And it’s not everyday that we get an item that make us go “WOW!”, but today was one of those days. Today we received what might possibly be the finest toboggan in the country. (Ironically, on perhaps the hottest day of the year!). Someone even remarked that if it snowed now, they wouldn’t mind a bit.

When our appraiser first looked at the toboggan, he said, “That’s the finest toboggan I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of toboggans!'“. He went on to describe what made the toboggan so special. “Look at the original stenciled name, Snow Boy. The rope looks original and the wood is in near new condition, especially at the curve, where there are usually cracks. This toboggan is unusually wide, which makes it even more unique, and considering it’s age, which dates from about 1930 makes it one amazing piece.”

Now that’s high praise for a toboggan!

This wonderful gift was donated by Glenn Estabrooks, who also donated a pony bob-sled, along with a matching kids size bobsled, a kitchen grindstone and one really, really old pair of skis.

Special thanks to the Great Northern Auction (TGNA) , who picked up and delivered the items to the museum.


Snow Boy

A Canadian Masterpiece