From Branches to Baskets: A basket weaving demonstration, Saturday, August 26th

Basket from willow branches

Basket from willow branches

For thousands of years, wicker baskets have been used to collect food. Foragers have used baskets when gathering berries, seeds and nuts. Farmers have used baskets to carry crops in from the field, as sieves to clean grain, and to move compost and other soil amendments. Fishermen used baskets to hold fish but also to trap fish. Beyond being useful, wicker baskets are also beautiful.

Baskets can be made from many materials. Mi’kmaq often used pounded ash and roots to make baskets. Wicker baskets, however, are made from branches.

Next Saturday, on August 26th, you can learn how to weave a wicker basket. At the Albert County Museum, an Acadian basket weaver and three other weavers (with varying levels of experience) will demonstrate how to make a basket from willow branches. The demonstration will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm. Feel free to drop in at any point, or several times, to see the process, take pictures and ask questions.

Apprenez comment faire un panier en tiges de saule. Venez observer des vanniers. Posez des questions et prenez des photos.

Cette démonstration de Vannerie en Osier est offerte en français et en anglais; this demonstration is offered in French and English.

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