Roots of history: seeking plants

At the Albert County Museum, we are reviving the perennial gardens. If you are dividing your plants this spring, we might be able to provide a home for your surplus.

In particular, we are looking for perennials with traditional uses, such as the following:

  • Culinary herbs (e.g., sage, oregano)

  • Food plants (e.g., grapes, gooseberries)

  • Herbs for teas and tisanes (e.g., lemon balm, peppermint, bergamot)

  • Medicinal herbs (e.g., Echinacea, hops)

  • Plants used as dyes (e.g., madder, woad)

  • Plants with other uses (e.g., soapwort, sweetgrass)

    We are also looking for seeds, rootstock and cuttings of fruits and vegetables with a history of being grown in Albert County.

    If you would like to donate any plants, please contact Janet Wallace (email to see if we can use the plants.  Please provide labels with the plants. If you have a story behind the plants, please let us know. For example, we would love to know the history of your plant (when and where it was originally planted or found) and also how you have used it.

    If you would like to volunteer to help in the garden – perhaps you want to choose a spot and plant the perennials yourself, or you might like to help out in the vegetable garden, we welcome your help.


Do you have plants to share? 

Do you have plants to share?