Happy International Museums Day!

Today, and in the coming week, International Museum Day is being celebrated in over 145 countries around the world and in over 35,000 museums globally! Why is this day, and the week ahead so important? Because museums are the places wherein past, culture, and society come together; as we raise awareness of our museums, we enhance our understanding of our worlds. Understanding breeds cooperation, and cooperation breeds peace. 

This year's theme is "Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums". The Albert County Museum is no stranger to the concept of "contested histories". The infamous Story of Tom Collins is still, to this day, one of the most hotly debated parts of our local history. The debate surrounding the trial of the century lives on in the Shiretown of Albert County!

Come celebrate International Museum Day with us this weekend, Saturday, May 20th, at the Albert County Museum! We are commemorating our first day of the season with a welcome party at 11am. You will be the first to hear of some of the exciting new plans for the summer, and of course, take the opportunity to visit our many exhibits and grounds. See you then!


*Special thanks to the International Council of Museums for the use of their imagery.