A Window on the Great War - A Letter from the Front, April 29, 1917 France

This World War One letter was written by Hugh C. Wright of Shepody (Hopewell) Albert County on April 29, 1917 while he was in serving in the Canadian Garrison Artillery (CGA) in France. Hugh had enlisted in the 26th Battalion on November 17, 1914 when he was 19 years old. He sailed with the 26th Battalion from Saint John on June 13, 1915 aboard the steamship “Caledonia”. They arrived in England on June 24, 1915 where they underwent rigorous training in preparation for going to the battle front.

Hugh served in the 26th Bn, 5th Infantry Brigade in Belgium and France spending 17 months in the trenches. In February 1917, he transferred to the 4th Siege Battery, 2nd Brigade CGA and was a gunner for the remainder of the war. He was discharged on May 10, 1919...on his 24th birthday!

Hugh Wright was the youngest son of James and Jane Wright. Hugh's letters are addressed … “Dear Father” because his mother had died when he was only 7 years old.

The letter was written in pencil and unlike the last letter the censor did not cut anything out of this one. You can see it was read by the sticker applied to the envelope. 

“I am very fortunate to have over 50 letters that my Great Uncle Hugh wrote to his family while serving in WWI”. Great Niece Dawne McLean

With many thanks to Hugh Wright's great niece, Dawne McLean who kindly submitted the letter.

" Somewhere in France

April 29th/17

Dear Father & all ~

Well another week has rolled by & it is my turn to write this Sunday

so here I am trying to scratch off a few lines before dinner.

Well at last the cold weather appears to be about all over & now it

is nice and warm so a fellow can lay out on the grass and enjoy himself

(that is when not working) but a fellow does not mind working when

it is nice and dry underfoot.

I suppose Clarke told you last week about us being up to the Batt and saw

Billie R and Walter D but did not see Joe as he was in the hospital sick and

I am glad that he is, as there has been some pretty tough scrapping going on

here lately and he is better out of it. I have never heard whether Guy R has

ever come to France or not. I suppose Jim is in England yet training.

We haven't had any mail from home for nearly two weeks so it must be delayed

somewhere. I wish you would get me a couple of suits of underwear like I

used to wear when home. The stuff that we get here at the baths is not much,

so I will get my own and do my own washing this summer.

I have not seen or heard anything more of Blair. Their Battery is quite aways

from us so it is pretty hard to see them.

Well, it will soon be a year since I went on leave. Last year I went on the

10th of May, but I don't expect to get any leave this summer although I

would like to have a few days in blighty.

A fellow gets so tired and sick of this place. It will soon be two years since

I came to France & it certainly seems a long time but maybe it will end this fall

and I hope so.

Well I can't think of anything more now so will close.

Hope we soon get some mail.

So long for this time



We received your letter of April 4th today and was glad to hear from you.



(the signature of the Censor is also written on this last page of the letter)"