Pokémon Monsters to Invade Museum this Sunday, July 24

History of a different sort is going to happen this Sunday, July 24 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Albert County Museum, with a planned invasion of Pokémon Monsters. Located in Hopewell Cape at 3940 Route 114, just before the famous Hopewell Rocks, the museum is going to host its first Museum Monster Hunt for the new Pokémon Go game.

The Museum is extremely lucky to have 3 Pokémon Stops and a Pokémon Gym located on the Museum’s grounds. The first stop is located at the RB Bennett Monument, located in the Hopewell Cape Square at the entrance to the Museum. The Monument is dedicated to Canada’s 11th Prime Minster, RB Bennett who was born in Hopewell in 1870. He was Canada’s Leader from 1930 to 1935 during the height of the Great Depression.  The next Pokémon Stop is located at the Hopewell Cape Community Hall, which was built in 1870. The last Pokémon Stop is at the Albert County Court House, a majestic building constructed in 1904 after a devastating fire. Lastly, the Pokémon Gym is located in the Silver Jubilee Lodge and Library, located on Route 114, which serves as the museum’s Admissions office and Gift Shop.

The Museum plans on setting monster lures every half hour during the day on Sunday, in the hopes to attract a number of monsters for Go players to catch.  To go along with the special Museum Monster Hunt, the Museum is offering all families who come out to the Museum Monster Hunt a $5.00 discount on the Family Pass to the Museum. To receive the discount just show the Pokémon Go app at the Admissions office and Gift Shop.

When asked about the reason for the special event, Donald Alward, Manager/Curator of the museum said, “Some of our student employees play the game and mentioned about the three stops at the museum and also the Pokémon Gym in our Library. We thought this was an excellent opportunity to get people to come to the museum to not only catch some Pokémon’s but to then take a walk around and see what the museum has to offer.  People are often surprised that the museum has 8 buildings and an 1845 gaol full of original prisoner graffiti.”  Mr. Alward continued to say that if the first Museum Monster Hunt is a success, then we might hold one every Sunday. 

See you this Sunday, July 24 from 10am until 5pm!