Did you hear our HUGE Steeves family announcement? If not read on!

On Opening Day we opened our fantastic "Steeves Family 250 years in Albert County Exhibit", (Have you been in to see it? It's not to be missed, especially with the guided tour which features stories built on stories built on stories) and we made our major announcement regarding that exhibit. It seems that we never actually posted here what our BIG announcement was... so drum roll... 

The Albert County Museum is pleased to announce as part of the Steeves 250 years in Albert County Exhibit, with the help and support of Libraries and Archives Canada, that all 138 men (and women!) with the family name Steeves who fought in the First World War service records will be digitized and made available in time for the Steeves Family Reunion”

These records are an amazing source of information for anyone doing research on their relatives, and are fascinating to read in their own right. They list all the men who enlisted and also the women who served as nurses. The files are huge, some over 75 pages, so they are a wealth of information on each of the people. Here is a sampling of the Attestation paper for a couple of the Steeves.  These are just a sampling of the information.  Come to the museum to see the rest!