Saturday is Opening Day at the Museum - Museum & Market Opening - Steeves Exhibit Grand Opening - HUGE STEEVES ANNOUNCEMENT

Saturday, May 21 is OPENING DAY at the Museum, with the start of the 2016 season. It's going be one fantastic day with the Grand Opening of the Steeves 250 years in Albert County exhibit, and its big announcement. This coupled with opening day of the Museum Market and the museum itself, it's going to be one exciting day to be in Hopewell Cape.

We're super excited about our Grand Opening of the Steeves: 250 Years in Albert County exhibit, and our huge Steeves Family announcement of a major component of the exhibit which has just been approved by Library and Archives Canada, and is to be ready in time for the Steeves Family Reunion in July. Come and hear the big news!

The “Steeves: 250 years in Albert County” exhibit is planned as a special exhibit at the Albert County Museum which coincides with the 2016 Steeves 250 Family Reunion and is scheduled for exhibit for two years. A full gallery of the museum has be dedicated to this theme and includes displays of ‘all things Steeves’. The exhibit has been carefully selected from over 700 Steeves related artefacts in the museum collection, with each artefact on the display having some special historic significance. The highlight of the exhibit is the original 18th century clock that Heinrich and Regina Stief brought from Germany. 

The Market at the Museum is having its fourth season in the most unique location for a farmer's market anywhere. The market is located in Exhibition Hall surrounded by the Museum's extensive collection of antique farm implements, pioneer tools, and early home furnishings and appliances. It brings the past and the present together so people can see the tools that were once used to make the products they're buying at the market today. The Farmers and Crafters Market is a joint venture between the Albert County Museum and Foods of the Fundy Valley, a local non-profit organization whose mandate is to encourage local food awareness through education and promotion.

One of the highlights of the market is the weekly breakfast prepared by the Museum. Each week it is a different breakfast sourced from the local economy.

The museum is open 9:30am -5:30pm and the Farmers and Crafters Market hosted by Foods of the Fundy Valley is open 9am-1pm. The weekly ‘Breakfast at the Museum’ is open 9am-noon.

We hope to see everyone at the Museum on Saturday! Remember Market and breakfast start at 9am, the Museum opens at 9:30am and Grand Opening of Steeves Exhibit with its' big announcement is at 11am!