Henry John Bennett & Henrietta Stiles were married on September 22, 1869. They took up residence in Hopewell Cape at a home on the water side of the Great Road to Moncton. Their home was located across the road from the local one room schoolhouse. On Sunday, July 3, 1870, Henrietta took the two hour long wagon ride to Hopewell Hill to attend the Methodist Church and visit her parents. She unexpectedly went into labour and her first child, Richard Bedford Bennett, was born. Mother and child remained in Hopewell Hill for a few days before returning home to Hopewell Cape. 

Bennett children: Richard Bedford, Evelyn Read, Ronald Vivian & George Horace
Albert County, New Brunswick, Canada

There would be five other children born to Henry and Henrietta:
o Harry A Bennett born 1872; died 1876
o Evelyn Read Bennett born April 2, 1874; died May 1, 1929
o Ronald Vivian Bennett born May 13, 1876; died May 12, 1961
o George Horace Bennett born July 21, 1884; died January 23, 1938
o Mildred Mariann Bennett born March 26, 1889; died May 11, 1938