We are excited to announce that we will have a vendor selling cheese at the Museum Market in 2014! Interested in becoming a vendor here or in Alma? Email info@foodsofthefundyvalley.ca to reserve your spot.

A Loom of Her Own ~ Handweaving, pottery and handspun yarn by Janet Wallace

Functional stoneware pottery
Handwoven scarves and table runners made of cotton, wool and silk, & soft, colourful handspun yarn made of Merino and Corriedale fleece.

Design your own yarn - custom spinning. Choose the colours you like, and I will card and spin the fleece the way you want.

Demonstrations of handspinning and mixing coloured fleece using a drum carder.

See samples at http://janetwallace.ca/2014/02/04/craft-culture-2/

Maplewood Farms,Owners Jason Beaton & Stephanie Roberston from Colpitts Settlement.

While they may not attend every Saturday, (with their young family and growing farm) Jason and Stephanie are a great addition to our market with their grass fed beef, pastured Berkshire pork and pastured chicken, turkey and eggs. Stephanie sometimes offers her family's hard candy "Robertson's Candy", as well.

From their FB Page:
"Our goal is to provide clean healthy food in a way that is humane to both the animals and the producer." 

"On occasion we also offer breeding stock from our herd of Irish Dexter cattle and Berkshire pigs. Day old chicks are also available in the spring, from a variety of heritage bred chickens."

Good quality bags. So useful for many things along with buying produce and bulk items. Try sprouting seeds with them, it's easy and quick! Also good for straining milks, like almond and hemp, and jellies, making cheese and drying herbs! Anytime you use cheesecloth. Many sizes available. At the Fundy Valley Museum Market each Saturday, from May 24th to October 11, 2014
Mission: To create well made products, that are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and available to everyone.
Company Overview:
A Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, home based company, with the environment at the forefront of the decision to take on this endeavor. Started by Jo Ann in August of 2009, with the full support and assistance of family. Currently sales are steady, with high interest from everyone that shares concerns of the peril of our planet earth. There has been nothing but praise for the quality of these products.

We very pleased that Oliver Hofer and his family are coming back to the market this season and bringing all their amazing baked goods with them.
Hofer's Bakery offers a wide range of delicious bread including grain breads, pumpkin seed, whole-wheat, rye, farmers and many others. They also bring a large variety of sweets and desserts to the market. All the flours used in their bakery are organic and non-genetically modified and they also offer a large selection of gluten-free products!

You can check out thier website at hofersbakery.com


AnC Meats offers a full range of locally produced, beef and pork products including sausages, bacon, various steaks, lean ground beef patties, ham and much more, Arnold is a market favorite! Stop by and pick-up your breakfast or BBQ favorite.
AnC Meats is a provincially inspected facility that supplies many area restaurants and businesses as well as custom butchering for local area farmers.

We're very pleased to welcome Arnold back for the market season!

Visit our Market Partner  Foods of the Fundy Valley

Visit our Market Partner

Foods of the Fundy Valley