Fiddleheads, Fricot & Frittata: A Hodgepodge of Atlantic Canadian Recipes


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Fiddleheads, Fricot & Frittata evolved from a Canada 150 project at the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. The goal is to celebrate the foods of Atlantic Canada and, in doing so, honour the people of this region – people who lived here centuries ago, current residents whose ancestors cleared our farmlands, and people “from away” who now call Atlantic Canada home.

This book is about sharing – the sharing of recipes and stories, cultures and communities. Most of the recipes have been gathered from people in Albert County, NB, but they aren’t necessarily traditional New Brunswick foods. Although many recipes have been handed down from one generation to another, other recipes were discovered while living on another continent or created from scratch in an Albert County kitchen.

The eclectic nature of this collection of more than 200 recipes exemplifies the beauty of a potluck, as opposed to a melting pot, approach to cultural relationships.




·       Traditional recipes including Jigg’s Dinner, Cy’s seafood casserole, Maple syrup baked beans, Fricot, Sauerkraut, Washington pie, Blueberry grunt and Doughnuts;

·       Recipes for Bulgogi, Spanakopita, Haggis, Dahl, Pierogi and other recipes from Korea, China, Greece, Mexico, France, Italy, Slovakia, Scotland, Poland and other nations;

·       Seasonal recipes from gardeners and foragers including Jerusalem artichoke pâté, Sweet potato latke, Chard frittata, Pickled samphire greens, Dandelion green pesto and Mi’kmaq Mama’s fiddleheads;

·       Many recipes for desserts including Mincemeat (made with moose meat), Cranberry pie, Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, Banana cupcakes, Fudge and Maple butter tarts;

·       Historical profiles of several common foods;

·       Stories about the people of New Brunswick with a focus on Albert County;

·       Tips on growing, cooking and preserving heirloom vegetables.


This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.  Ce projet est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.