Outside the Library is a large anchor that was found out in the Petitcodiac River not too far from here.  In 1981 the remnants of a hurricane passed through and the rough waters disturbed enough silt that a piece of the anchor was exposed.  Jack Weldon and others decided to investigate and started digging.  It took some time because each tide would fill back in part of what they had previously dug out.  They eventually realized what it was and dug it completely out.  They had to have a large truck with a boom winch on it to finally remove it.  It was cleaned up and brought to the museum.  It weighs 3000 pounds and is called a Bower Anchor because it would be located at the bow of a ship.  There actually would have been two of them on the ship, one on each side of the bow to balance.  It certainly gives perspective as to the size of ships that sailed up and down the river and that were built in Albert County.