The Albert County Museum and RB Bennett Commemorative Centre is something special. It is your Museum, one that celebrates our past and present, from the muddy banks of the Petitcodiac, to the Fishing Fleets of Alma, up through the hills of Elgin, and is full of stories of those who helped build this wonderful place we call home.

The Albert County Museum is owned and operated by the Albert County Historical Society Inc. and operates in the Public Trust.  It only receives a small portion of its funding from government sources - we have to raise the rest, whether through admissions, building rentals, our gift shop, and of course donations from generous people like you.

If everyone who visited our website donated just $10 we would have no need to fund raise.

So, we appeal to you to make a donation, in any amount, to help us transform our collections into stories, stories about your community, your heritage. With your help, we can make history.

Hope to see you at the Museum soon!

Your generosity is an investment in the future of Albert County's past and will ensure that our more than 10,000 artefacts, images, and documents remain as a testament to our achievements, and those of our ancestors throughout this great county.